Consumers today have their eyes and fingers glued to anything with a screen.  Cell phones, tablets, laptops and PCs are what consumers are turning to research, compare and complete purchases.  If you are still utilizing cold calling and mass mailing as a way to generate leads, you are missing out on at least 80% of your potential clients.  If you are not yet investing in your online presence, specifically claiming and ranking your website on the top search engines, you are missing valuable leads. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing identifies keywords associated with your business and ranks you on Google, Bing and other Search Engines.  Once you are ranked high on these engines, potential leads can find you easier. If a consumer cannot find you online, there is no way they can buy from you!

SEO Marketing brings the customers to you!! Optimizing your web presence makes sure that leads can find you. We ensure your web pages are optimized for specific keywords.  We then implement content strategies that drive traffic to your website, ultimately linking you directly with leads and ultimately converting these leads to customers. Our strategies  include targeted leads, website traffic, phone calls, and lead conversions.



Research continues to show that businesses with an online social media presence are consistently outselling those that do not. Social media is a wonderful way to engage potential customers.  Engaging in social media is fairly inexpensive, but it can be time consuming and if not done correctly, can be painfully disastrous. Having a plan for focused social media engagement and advertising can catapult your business into success. We focus our social media services across three areas: Building a social media presence; Maintaining a social media presence; and advertising on social media.

Building a Social Media Presence – We share your story, your passion and your vision and motivate others to join you in your journey! We can assist you in building active and engaging social media pages that meet your business mission and values.  We ensure these pages are linked with any web presence and leverage traffic from both avenues to generate leads. Engage loyal customers and building a new customer base who frequent your pages keep these customers coming back for more.  

Maintaining a Social Media Presence – We can create, generate and curate engaging content on a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, U-Tube, Twitter and Pinterest.  We work with you to develop platform specific strategies to nurture your customer base building strong relationships that grow your business and your reputation.

Social Media Advertising – We provide strategic advertising to meet your needs.  Whether it be boosting views for a specific post, or something that needs a bit more finesse, we create a strategy that works for you, meets your goals and provides measurable feedback.  Our proven strategies specifically designed for each platform are designed to convert and will be measured by the data. Data can then be used to influence additional advertising, taking your business to the next level.



Online advertising is the most cost-effective, measurable and efficient method for building a new audience or engaging an already existing fan base. Through the assets you already own—website traffic, Facebook fan pages, email lists and more—we can direct highly targeted audiences wherever you need them.

Advertising online can take many different shapes and sizes. From Google Display ads that allow you to advertise on websites, from Google Search ads that allow us to harness the power of a user’s Google search, from various social media platforms that allow us reach potential customers where they hang out in their free time, the possibilities are endless.

We’ll take your goals and build campaigns complete with custom advertising graphics, bidding strategies, and target audience.