About Me


My name Is Tierata Ambo, but everyone just calls me “Joe”. I am the Owner and Executive Director of Ambo’s Leads, a digital marketing company specializing in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed. We work with our clients to identify and implement online commerce strategies that best fit their needs. I am known for my skills in internet marketing, social media, search engine optimization, and my friendly island smile.

Providing local businesses with the marketing strategies to propel them forward is the work that I am most proud of. Creating beautiful, obtainable websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs is my passion. Working to empowering others to learn and master the tools and techniques that will drive continued success is our ultimate goal. In the end, we all want local businesses to succeed!

Here at Ambo’s Leads… we are deeply invested in the tools and techniques needed to build successful marketing strategies.  Just as a fine wine, a fabulous piece of artwork or a seasonal craft beer should be appreciated, Ambo’s Leads holds a company’s branded website in the same regard.  We make it our personal mission to appreciate each of our clients and are dedicated 100% to their success. We believe in sharing a client’s story, crafting a visual masterpiece of that story, and marketing it with heart and soul.

I believe in supporting local commerce and helping them bridge the gap between local markets and global digital markets. I am committed to making a meaningful difference in our community.